Sunday, June 05, 2005



Dawn so smart.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Star Wars Night?

Hee hee hee, I am going to go watch star wars a little later. I can't wait lol

By the way, I am blogging between two blogs, one is here, and the other one is at

Sorry for the inconvience. I feel this blog is more private than Xanga. :)

I feel so happy with myself, I cant wait to share why with Thu at her BBQ next week :)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Funny dream

After 30 mins of philosophy with the other Chris regarding how to live our love life, I finnally remember a hilarious dream I had.

This mroning I dreamed that everyone I knew was locked up in our guys' locker room. In the dream, there was garbage everywhere and it was dark. Someone said something about a key lying around and is hidden in a locker or is a pile of garbage somewhere and everyone began a all out search. It was like something from the Movie Saw, some evil guy was forcing us to search for our lives.

The funny thing was that I was looking in the locker and then all the sudden I was looking threw an organized desktop. One of those crazy dream jumps. I found a UMD, a disk that only Sony PSP plays. I quickly borrowed my Will's PSP and played the UMD with my name in it (Wow, we were back in the Locker room). The most funny thing was Ronnie face came up.

It was like some evil interview. He was starting at me threw the PSP and started talking about how we are going to die. And he started to talk about the wores things I have done and it was really funny because it was really random. The last thing I remember in the dream was that everyone played their UMD disk and we continued to seach for the key then I woke up. LOL it was really stupid.

When I was walking to class today, I saw Ronnie and it reminded me of the dream. When I was talking to the other Chris it came back again rofl

BTW- This is for Thu since she is in DA and doesn't know what is going on -> I was planning to move on, but I'll give it until summer after talking to the other Chris.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I'm so tierd. I got my report card adn the same thing as last time. A 3.4 GPA. I never try and I maintain a 3.3+ and the report card doesn't list me as honor roll lol even though honor roll is 3.0+. I guess they know I don't try at school ._.

I got Chemistry Homework and Algebra homework and History to do. Damn, I just noticed I had 3 test tommorrow. I thought I only had two. I better stop playing games and start doing my homework.

Dave from Crespi who went to DA has moved to Flordia. Today he caught me online and told me he moved and it was alot nicer than California. I have never left California (besides Nevada) before.

My brother and Sister (in law) are going to buy a house in Hilltop Village. It's a nice house. Near my aunt's house too. They get access to 2 swimming pool and 1 Tennis court. Nice play. I use to live in Hilltop village. I grew up walking around there and it would be a nice place for Vivian to grow in.

After thinking of my brother moving out of the house. It made me think. When I turn 18, where should I move to? I mean, there is nothing here for me. No one would care if I stayed. I hate California and the damn ignorant people I see everyday. The first thing came to my mind was Boston. LOL omg I need to stop thinking years ahead of me. I'm sitting here thinking of places where I can run away to. How sad.

This morning I was so tierd I forced myself to sleep. I woke up at 6 and I was doise and I forced myself to fall asleep again. At 6:30 am I woke up again, and I forced mysel back to sleep. I had such a nice dream and I tried to force myself back into it but now thinking of it, I forgot my dream was. It was somewhere in a hallway walking and talking to someone and it became an action movie lol what nice dreams I have.

I try not to blog much, but I feel stressed again so I feel better about posting. I'll post the picture from the badminton game latter.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Wow it has been 4 days since Spring Break Ended and I am stressed at school already. WE started Trig section at school already. It was easy in the begining now it's getting ubberly hard

I forgot to post about the DA Trip to Japan Town, SF. It was really fun. I woke up really early and took a shower and everything and feel asleep again. When I left the House, I forgot to bring money, so in the end I borrow 10 dollars from Thu and 11 Dollars from Thaoly. I'll pay them back at the movies or something.

Meet some new people. The Bus was really crowded but it was funny. We stand near the door and we kept on getting pushed out the back and we just ran back in when the bus was about to go again.

Japan Town was a pretty big shopping center, alot of resturants and snack bars. We went to the anime shop and found alot of anime. I wanted to look for Volcano High movie that I saw on TV but they didn't have it. We "accidently" found the adult anime section lol We were walking looking at the anime and we were like "Whole... Wrong section" and walked out LOL

I got some pictures threw my picture phone and I'm suprise the picture came out with really good quality. Here they are :P

Picture of the tower outside the Japan Town Center water fountain. I needed atleast one cultural picture of the place.

Thu in the samurai carboard box. What a manly samurai.

Thaoly as Godzilla and Thu as a FAT sumo LOL This was funny, I have to admit LOL

Picture of the menu of a resturant we ate at. That's waht I ordered. It looked really good in the picture and the wax model outside, but the cold noodle had no flavor, so in the end it was nasty. I should had gotten the odon noodles, but the sushi on the side was really good.

A picture of the sushi up close. The one that is yellow is a Egg Sushi. It was really good. It was sweet. The one next to it that looks like a cooked chicken, it's acutally cooked fish. It was sweet and sour. Also really good. Too bad they only gave us one.

It's Thaoly and I. We are sitting on the rock on a water fountain. It's a cool water fountain because it's running water and you can walk on it that you're shoe wont get too wet. We were basically walking on water :)

The last one is just me. At first I wanted a decent picture for the blog, but now I look at it, it's like the worest picture of me ever. I look perverted and stuff. LOL Thu took the picture, so I am going to blame it on her instead :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring Bteak begins!

Wow after last night of raining, Spring Break begins! I started my Math Portfolio and I only done 3 Full assignements/ 40 Assignements -_- Still need to work on that.

On the Draft, I am VERY close. I got the basics for the members. Now I need to work on the .1 and .2 requirements. Almsot done. I feel so proud :)

I was suppuse to go to the badminton pratice but I didn't go because I didn't want to go today. I'll go tommorrow. I hope Villia wont bitch at me. I mean it's at KHS, I dont think I want to go there as a PV -_-

Going to the Warrior game tonight. I didn't want to go because I hate warriors and I don't want to see the home team lose. I don't even know who they are playing tonight. I'm just gonna be forced to go. It seems that I have to.

LOL OMG I got my cell to play mp3's xD After many attemps of taking off the SD card (Behind the cover/battery, a hassel to get to) I got 7 mp3 music into there xD

Boerd boerd boerd. THis is one of those sad Spring Break :)

btw I went to see The Ring 2 with Thu and her DA Friends. The movie wasn't bad. Not complaining xD It was funny in the beginging because they were showing scary previews of scary movies. I was like WTF? The previews are already scarying the hell out of me before the movie started.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Badminton at Pinole High

Badminton started at PVHS already. It was a little better than last year. Denny was lecturing about the petition we all signed last year. I don't blame him for being mad because I would too if a group of people tried tog et me fired and I ahve to see them again. I won't lie, but I signed it last year. I feel guilty about it though.

Our first game was against Kennedy High. KHS won 16-4. I lost my match because I had to play with Evan and Ada. I'm not really good at playing double games. But I have to agree, the best one I played was with Ada. It was fun I guess.

The Second game was against Alameda High. omg, those kids are so fobby. The former coach left and they had a new coach and stuff. All the former people I knew from AHS graduated, but the number one single guy. Claire, Dasiy and Flouria was there too. They have spring break. We lost horriblely 20-0. They killed us. AHS is the second best school in our District for badminton.

Tommorrow we will play Encienal away game. I know for sure we lost horriblely tommorrow. They are the nubmer one rank school in our district. I'm playing mix with Kelly tommorrow. I think we are going to be Rank number One tommorrow. If we do pretty good, I'll play with Kelly again.

I WAS competeting for play number one rank boys but Tot and Chau broke their Number one Men Double and played number one and two of Men Single. I guess it was a smart move. I would had played number 4 Mens single but I don't know why but Evan taking that spot every single time. Oh well.

I'm stressed at school, at home, at badminton games, and even online. The CS organization I'm with requires me to submit an outline for a team draft. My superior has not been around for a long time so I have to draft my own. So my agenda so far is getting the Draft done during the Spring Break. I started a little outline already but Alg/Trig and History is quite demanding!

Gotta go do for school:
-Chem Question
-Chem Vocab
-Study for Chem Test tommorrow
-Alg/Trig Review
-Study for Alg/Trig Test on Friday
-Keep my portfolio up to date (MISSING WHOLE 2 CHAPER!)
-OMG I need to get a life.
-World History: WW2 Quiz tommorrow
-English: Mice and Men Essay
-Spanish: Finsh "El Norte" worksheets

-Clean my room
-Vacum the batroom
-Vacuum the Stairs
-Vacuum the batroom

-Get my raquet restringed
-Get me some new weights for my foot
-Pay the 50 Dollars (Anyone donating?)
-Spring Break Pratice (OMG)

-Get the draft ready
-Set up weekly pratice for CS
-Deal with the NS-SO TL
-Finsh FF7 (I know not important but still)

I forgot to talk about my Chinese Midterm. It's coming back again. OMG I want to quit Chinese Class so bad OMG.

Hey, after listing all taht, I noticed I killed 20 minuetes on this blog. I wasted 20 mins xD I want to watch South Park and Jack and Bobby tonight too x.x But I feel less stressed typing :) I've been gloomy at school lately because of all the stress
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