Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas is over!!!

I'm not a Christian, but my family still celebrate Christmas as a tradition instead of a religious belief. I'm cool with that because I like giving gifts and receiving gifts.

This Christmas, we had a Christmas party at my house. At first it was just my small family with some uncles. We had pizza, Lausanne, and some other Asian food, like crabs, and others. I only had the pizza and Lausanne because I was tired of eating the other food.

Then my sister invited some of her friends. Then more and more came. Soon it was like a Night Club full of people screaming and drinking. I was kinda mad, because I only knew one-fourth of the people there and the rest wanted to drink Remy and beer.

In the end it was okay because they all left around 11 PM and we opened our gifts. Yes, we open our Christmas presents at night. It's a "non Christian Christmas" tradtion. ;)

I got more clothes. I liked my new jacket. I also got a new chair for my desk from IKEA lol I also opened my friends gifts. LOL

They were really random but it was cool. I liked ada's Nerf gun and also Jessica's 'look a like Nerf' gun too LOL

Those was basically the only toys I got lol everything else was clothes or shoes that I really liked. The only weird thing I got was the poster Andy gave me lol

It was a poster of a white tiger jumping out of a Yin and Yang circle and the background had block chinese words. My sister was laughing. "WTF? Those poster are like for Hard Core asain people!!"

That Night, everyone went to bed like at 1 in the morning! I stayed up to put my IKEA chair together and watch Harry Potter 3: The Prisioner of Azkalban. And went
to sleep at 3.

Wow, the first Blog I ever made

Wow this is like the first blog I ever made. I mean that I was not forced to make. LOL I'm going to go mess around with this blog.

In my opion, this blog is a whole lot better than Xanga's blogs.

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