Friday, January 28, 2005


Yes! I scored a 45/45 in Mr. Tony's Alg2/ Trig class! I feel so good right now! My report card is so bad. I am going to work ahrd ont his semister. Since it's a new semeister already and everything seems to be going pretty well. I hope I can keep this up!

Current Grades:
Chemistry- B
English- A (becasue of the worksheets)
World History- A+ (scored A+ on both quizes)
ALgebra2/ Trignamotry- A
Spanish 4- B (One homework assignement late!)
Weight Training- A-

Oh yeah! Almost bench 115 ¬_¬ Making me the weakest guy in my PE class! I'm still happy thought. I was able to talk to Thu at night. Told her about something. Felt good after it came off my chest you know. Got Chinese school tommorrow. I'm getting my "FInal" back from them. I better get a B! Good Night!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Foke you!

Today school was really slow. I was stressed out because I thought Mr. Tony would collect our Alg2/Trig Portfolio. During lunch I was copying a friends homework and she didn't even finsh it! In the end, I didn't finsh the portfolio but Mr. Tony lied to us, so we would do our homework. I'm going to DO IT THIS WEEKEND!

The school day look as if it went really really slow. I forgot we had a Chinese Midterm tommorrow and I was at the teather watching the meet the fokers with old friends of mines. It was fun. They told me to come so I might as well. I thought it would be a regular group, but it was all girls. That was werid lol

It was embarassing because we were at Barns and Nobles and they were talking about "What's your Sexual Sign?!". ¬_¬

But it was fun because I knew them. They went to Ross to buy loundrain cloths and I didn't want to follow them because it seemed perverted and gay for a guy doing that.

At the end, Thu, Thaoly and I was prank calling everyone while we were waiting for our ride. I was codename white tiger and thu was Micheal Jackson and Thaoly was Bobster. It was fun, the only person who knew it was us was Houng lol. We tried to call luster but it didn't work.

Right Now it's already 9 and I haven't started to review for the Midterm tommorrow. I'm totally screwed lol. I dont care though because I wont fail the class. No matter how bad I do tommorrow, I'll pass because I scored an A on my Last exam and it adverages out. If I get a D, it would be atleast a C, and no, I wont get a F. That's just too low.

"Foke you! What a Foker! You fokerlized him, honey. Aaa-hooole" lol movie was funny. Loved it, but I wanted to see white noise. Later, I'mma go sleep around 4 tonight anyway, 4 hours sleep is more than enough! lol
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