Friday, January 28, 2005


Yes! I scored a 45/45 in Mr. Tony's Alg2/ Trig class! I feel so good right now! My report card is so bad. I am going to work ahrd ont his semister. Since it's a new semeister already and everything seems to be going pretty well. I hope I can keep this up!

Current Grades:
Chemistry- B
English- A (becasue of the worksheets)
World History- A+ (scored A+ on both quizes)
ALgebra2/ Trignamotry- A
Spanish 4- B (One homework assignement late!)
Weight Training- A-

Oh yeah! Almost bench 115 ¬_¬ Making me the weakest guy in my PE class! I'm still happy thought. I was able to talk to Thu at night. Told her about something. Felt good after it came off my chest you know. Got Chinese school tommorrow. I'm getting my "FInal" back from them. I better get a B! Good Night!
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