Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm doing pretty good

I finally got my semester report card. Damn school mail takes forever.

Igot a 3.0 and best of all: I got a C- in Math! Yes, I thought I would had gotten a D+! I'm so happy. Summer school is still not required so far lol I am getting all the credits I need so far lol feel sorry for everyone else failing Algebra 2/ Trig

On our last math test I finnally got a B, 84/100! YES!

I'm keep track of my grades for now on! This is for the enw semester!
Chemisty - A
English -A
World History- A+
ALgebra 2/ Trignametry- B+/A-
Spanish 4- C+ (Drop because of that Unit and Lesson test, Damn you Francis Franco, damn you)
Weight Training- A+ (LOL)

We are force to wear "doggie tags" at school now because of all these fights between students and a large amount of student cutting classes. I don't mind because I don't regularly get into trouble. All my class are not "Hey Billy" class.

In Aprial I'm taking Driver ed! Then Driver Training! LOL BEWARE IF YOU SEE ME ON THE FREEWAY! it's gonna be fun.

Damn, Exit exam is on Chinese new year. February is a fuck up month LOL So many stuff in 28 days ROFL Semister Report cards, Black History Month (No one seem to notice it at school but Mr. Johnson's chalkboard LOL), Exit Examinationfor Sophemores, Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year Parade at SF, and worest of all, Valentines Day. Fuck. I hate Valentines day. I don't have a "Special someone just for me".

I need to go finsh my homework for tommorrow. LOL
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