Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring Bteak begins!

Wow after last night of raining, Spring Break begins! I started my Math Portfolio and I only done 3 Full assignements/ 40 Assignements -_- Still need to work on that.

On the Draft, I am VERY close. I got the basics for the members. Now I need to work on the .1 and .2 requirements. Almsot done. I feel so proud :)

I was suppuse to go to the badminton pratice but I didn't go because I didn't want to go today. I'll go tommorrow. I hope Villia wont bitch at me. I mean it's at KHS, I dont think I want to go there as a PV -_-

Going to the Warrior game tonight. I didn't want to go because I hate warriors and I don't want to see the home team lose. I don't even know who they are playing tonight. I'm just gonna be forced to go. It seems that I have to.

LOL OMG I got my cell to play mp3's xD After many attemps of taking off the SD card (Behind the cover/battery, a hassel to get to) I got 7 mp3 music into there xD

Boerd boerd boerd. THis is one of those sad Spring Break :)

btw I went to see The Ring 2 with Thu and her DA Friends. The movie wasn't bad. Not complaining xD It was funny in the beginging because they were showing scary previews of scary movies. I was like WTF? The previews are already scarying the hell out of me before the movie started.
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