Sunday, April 17, 2005


I'm so tierd. I got my report card adn the same thing as last time. A 3.4 GPA. I never try and I maintain a 3.3+ and the report card doesn't list me as honor roll lol even though honor roll is 3.0+. I guess they know I don't try at school ._.

I got Chemistry Homework and Algebra homework and History to do. Damn, I just noticed I had 3 test tommorrow. I thought I only had two. I better stop playing games and start doing my homework.

Dave from Crespi who went to DA has moved to Flordia. Today he caught me online and told me he moved and it was alot nicer than California. I have never left California (besides Nevada) before.

My brother and Sister (in law) are going to buy a house in Hilltop Village. It's a nice house. Near my aunt's house too. They get access to 2 swimming pool and 1 Tennis court. Nice play. I use to live in Hilltop village. I grew up walking around there and it would be a nice place for Vivian to grow in.

After thinking of my brother moving out of the house. It made me think. When I turn 18, where should I move to? I mean, there is nothing here for me. No one would care if I stayed. I hate California and the damn ignorant people I see everyday. The first thing came to my mind was Boston. LOL omg I need to stop thinking years ahead of me. I'm sitting here thinking of places where I can run away to. How sad.

This morning I was so tierd I forced myself to sleep. I woke up at 6 and I was doise and I forced myself to fall asleep again. At 6:30 am I woke up again, and I forced mysel back to sleep. I had such a nice dream and I tried to force myself back into it but now thinking of it, I forgot my dream was. It was somewhere in a hallway walking and talking to someone and it became an action movie lol what nice dreams I have.

I try not to blog much, but I feel stressed again so I feel better about posting. I'll post the picture from the badminton game latter.
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