Friday, April 08, 2005


Wow it has been 4 days since Spring Break Ended and I am stressed at school already. WE started Trig section at school already. It was easy in the begining now it's getting ubberly hard

I forgot to post about the DA Trip to Japan Town, SF. It was really fun. I woke up really early and took a shower and everything and feel asleep again. When I left the House, I forgot to bring money, so in the end I borrow 10 dollars from Thu and 11 Dollars from Thaoly. I'll pay them back at the movies or something.

Meet some new people. The Bus was really crowded but it was funny. We stand near the door and we kept on getting pushed out the back and we just ran back in when the bus was about to go again.

Japan Town was a pretty big shopping center, alot of resturants and snack bars. We went to the anime shop and found alot of anime. I wanted to look for Volcano High movie that I saw on TV but they didn't have it. We "accidently" found the adult anime section lol We were walking looking at the anime and we were like "Whole... Wrong section" and walked out LOL

I got some pictures threw my picture phone and I'm suprise the picture came out with really good quality. Here they are :P

Picture of the tower outside the Japan Town Center water fountain. I needed atleast one cultural picture of the place.

Thu in the samurai carboard box. What a manly samurai.

Thaoly as Godzilla and Thu as a FAT sumo LOL This was funny, I have to admit LOL

Picture of the menu of a resturant we ate at. That's waht I ordered. It looked really good in the picture and the wax model outside, but the cold noodle had no flavor, so in the end it was nasty. I should had gotten the odon noodles, but the sushi on the side was really good.

A picture of the sushi up close. The one that is yellow is a Egg Sushi. It was really good. It was sweet. The one next to it that looks like a cooked chicken, it's acutally cooked fish. It was sweet and sour. Also really good. Too bad they only gave us one.

It's Thaoly and I. We are sitting on the rock on a water fountain. It's a cool water fountain because it's running water and you can walk on it that you're shoe wont get too wet. We were basically walking on water :)

The last one is just me. At first I wanted a decent picture for the blog, but now I look at it, it's like the worest picture of me ever. I look perverted and stuff. LOL Thu took the picture, so I am going to blame it on her instead :)

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