Saturday, May 21, 2005

Star Wars Night?

Hee hee hee, I am going to go watch star wars a little later. I can't wait lol

By the way, I am blogging between two blogs, one is here, and the other one is at

Sorry for the inconvience. I feel this blog is more private than Xanga. :)

I feel so happy with myself, I cant wait to share why with Thu at her BBQ next week :)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Funny dream

After 30 mins of philosophy with the other Chris regarding how to live our love life, I finnally remember a hilarious dream I had.

This mroning I dreamed that everyone I knew was locked up in our guys' locker room. In the dream, there was garbage everywhere and it was dark. Someone said something about a key lying around and is hidden in a locker or is a pile of garbage somewhere and everyone began a all out search. It was like something from the Movie Saw, some evil guy was forcing us to search for our lives.

The funny thing was that I was looking in the locker and then all the sudden I was looking threw an organized desktop. One of those crazy dream jumps. I found a UMD, a disk that only Sony PSP plays. I quickly borrowed my Will's PSP and played the UMD with my name in it (Wow, we were back in the Locker room). The most funny thing was Ronnie face came up.

It was like some evil interview. He was starting at me threw the PSP and started talking about how we are going to die. And he started to talk about the wores things I have done and it was really funny because it was really random. The last thing I remember in the dream was that everyone played their UMD disk and we continued to seach for the key then I woke up. LOL it was really stupid.

When I was walking to class today, I saw Ronnie and it reminded me of the dream. When I was talking to the other Chris it came back again rofl

BTW- This is for Thu since she is in DA and doesn't know what is going on -> I was planning to move on, but I'll give it until summer after talking to the other Chris.
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